Special preview screening Friday October 6th!

Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture reception 6:00-6:45

Film at 7:00!

Tickets: $10 with film makers donating ticket sales to Circle Cinema!

Q&A with filmmakers Bryan Crain, Dave Cantrell, and Terry Waska.

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About the film:

Oil Capital Underground is a documentary about the underground rock, punk and thrash scene in Tulsa Oklahoma, focusing on the late 70s up until the mid 90s. Going against the grain in the conservative atmosphere of the city formerly known as the Oil Capital of the World, bands such as Los Reactors, NOTA, Pitbulls On Crack, Asylum, Bunnies of Doom, Concept of Nonsense, Baby M, Illegitimate Sons of Jackie O,  Brother Inferior and many others struggled to make a name for themselves releasing their own music and playing clubs like Bleu Grotto, Crystal Pistol, Club Nitro, 424 and Ikon.

From the punk and new wave explosion of the early 80s, through the hardcore and thrash of the mid to late 80s, to the beginnings of underground alternative rock of the early 90s, Oil Capital Underground is filled with rare live footage, flyers and photos from the scene during those years.  Interviews with many of the musicians, promoters and club owners active during that era discuss the music, personalities and social climate of the time.

About the film makers

Bryan Crain– Wore many hats…Producer, Director, Photographer, Editor, Graphics, Animations, Sound tracking (all music was from the musicians from the time period of the doc..punk or otherwise).

He was introduced to the punk scene in the mid-80’s playing in a punk band the Outcasts until the early 90’s (not a featured band in the doc).  It was during this time period he met Dave Cantrell and Terry Waska from the band Asylum…and have been good friends ever since.

He has worked in TV for 25 years and has won numerous awards for various shows, spots and national documentaries.  Awards include 3 Heartland Emmys…one as co-producer for the documentary “Will Rogers and American Politics” which also garnered him two more national Cine Awards (Golden Eagle and Special Jury) as well as numerous Telly, NETA and other awards.

David (Dave) Cantrell-  Along with Bryan, he carries the title of Producer of OCU. Dave is the lead singer for two of the bands featured in the documentary..Asylum and Bunnies of Doom.  Dave was instrumental in gathering people and information together for the doc.  Dave has written for several zines, including Sour Grapes, Okie Load and Infinity Press, for which he interviewed Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye.  He also produced a few local music comps (cassette and CD) back in the day as well as the video comp “Welcome to Tulsa”.  Dave stayed active in music throughout the years, playing  in Bozack (local band) and Cobra Kai (Colorado Springs).  He is still semi-active in the music scene, playing and recording as often as possible

Terry Waska- He is an incredible graphic designer and has worked in the field for over 20 years. Terry

did much of the art work (drawings of things we didn’t have a pic or video for) as well as helping with cut outs for animations. Most importantly he designed the title graphic and flyer for OCU and he was also the bass player in two of the bands featured in the doc ..Pitbulls on Crack and Asylum.