Border Radio

Border Radio – Sunday, November 18th at 1:00PM – Tickets!

A special 35mm presentation of Allison Anders, Dean Lent and Kurt Voss’s indie-punk landmark featuring the music of The Flesh Eaters, John Doe, Green on Red, and The Blasters. In cooperation with the Bob Dylan Archive.

Dir. Allison Anders, Dean Lent and Kurt Voss
USA, 87 mins, 35mm, b/w

Followed by a Q&A with John Doe

A low-key, semi-improvised post-punk diary that took four years to complete, Border Radio features legendary rocker Chris D., of the Flesh Eaters, as a singer/songwriter who has stolen loot from a club and gone missing, leaving his wife (Luanna Anders), a no-nonsense rock journalist, to track him down with the help of his friends (John Doe; Chris Shearer). With its sprawling Southern Californian and Mexican landscapes, captured in evocative 16mm black and white, Border Radio is a singular, DIY memento of the indie film explosion in America.